"Potts has been a very important piece behind my success since I was a freshman in high school. He has helped me get stronger and faster during my 5 years training with him. I know that when I come back for the off-season I have a place to train. Potts is nothing but professional and will take your talents to the next level." Riley Pint; 4th overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft by the Colorado Rockies


"When I was looking for a place to train at in Kansas City my agent was given two names and told they were the best guys in KC. The other guy returned our call first but told us he actually thought TopSpeed was a better fit for NFL players." - Dalton Risner; Denver Broncos

"Training at TopSpeed has been a great experience. I came to TopSpeed for the speed-training and in a short amount of time my 40 yard dash time was noticeably faster. Joseph's attention to detail and technique has helped me to become faster and more explosive than I've ever been." - ReShard Langford; NFL Veteran (Kansas City Chiefs/Detroit Lions)














"I began training with TopSpeed before my senior year of high school. After my first season of professional baseball I started to learn more about myself and the mental and physical toll baseball does to your body. I made a huge commitment over the off-season to becoming more flexible and stronger before spring training. To achieve that goal I returned to training with Joseph Potts (TopSpeed) and also began working with Lori Archer (Synergy Yoga KC), doing that has allowed me to become the best athlete I can be. I've learned more about my body than ever before, training muscles that I've never thought would help me put on the mass that I need to get ready for spring training. They have taught me how to work on myself, even when I am not in the facility. Having the support of Potts and Lori during my training has helped me become the athlete I am today." - Blake Lillis; 2016 MLB Draft Pick, Milwaukee Brewers




















"Coming to TopSpeed and training with Coach Potts was the best decision I've made in my career, no doubt he is the best at what he does." - Clay Rhodes; Mizzou Football offensive lineman











"Working out with TopSpeed put me above and beyond the competition. I am faster, stronger, have more stamina and am better prepared for the season than anyone else in training camp. I finished first amongst the LB/RB group and even tied for the fastest time among EVERYONE during our 300-yard shuttle conditioning test." - Luke Elam; Fort Scott Community College linebacker







"The best Strength Coach I've ever had! Potts is on top of the game when it comes to getting people to work towards a goal and ultimately achieving it. With his people skills he can get through to just about anyone." - Danny Duffy; Kansas City Royals pitcher










"Working with Potts made me realize how important my training really is. His training helped prepare me to perform at my full potential and prosper on the field. You can't go wrong working with a guy who guides you towards success."   -David Lough; MLB outfielder


"Before I began training with Coach Potts I could not perform any type of sports or physical activity without suffering both acute and chronic knee pain that would last for weeks due to two ACL reconstruction surgeries in the same knee from my days as a collegiate athlete. He developed a training program for me specifically designed to increase strength, reduce pain, and prevent future injury. To my amazement, after only two months of training, I was able to join a competitive indoor soccer league. Not only that but I was also able to compete in the MS150 bike tour. I have also been able to play tennis and perform yoga again for the first time in four years. Coach Potts definitely has the knowledge, skill, and ability to provide personalized coaching and training for individuals of all skill levels." - Brianne Guilford; Lenexa,KS


"Coach Potts and his staff did a great job with the SPARQ Testing at our Fall Showcase camps. I look forward to working with him again in the future" - University of Kansas Head Baseball Coach Ritch Price



"Coach Potts,

I am writing this to thank you for all of your help and expertise in
training our son, Clay. 

In preparation for playing football for the University of Missouri in
the SEC, Clay wanted to find a trainer who could help him get bigger,
stronger and faster in a safe, healthy and responsible way. There are a
lot of options in the Kansas City Metro, but as we did our due
diligence, all roads led to you and your company, TopSpeed. In the few
months Clay has been training with you, he has added thirty pounds of
muscle and increased his strength dramatically. Just as important
though, his speed and agility have also improved significantly. It's
hard to imagine that Clay has become faster, quicker, more limber and
more agile with thirty additional pounds, but the numbers don't lie and,
in fact, they tell us that Clay is faster and quicker than he's ever been

We appreciate the fact that you listened to what we wanted and then,
tailored a training program to Clay's specific needs. That was very
important to us. Also, as a parent, I am most impressed with the daily
talks you have with Clay and with the other young people you train
regarding the fact that there are no short cuts or easy fixes . . .
rather, the only way to reach your goals is through hard work, doing the right things and doing the right things in the right way.

Clay's improvements in your training program have not gone unnoticed.
Last fall, the Missouri coaching staff was preparing Clay for a redshirt
year to start his college career so he could spend a year in Missouri's
strength and conditioning program gaining size and strength. However,
they are now telling him that, if he continues to progress in your
training program like he has so far, he may be in the mix for the
two-deep offensive line depth chart as a true freshman. While I personally hope he still redshirts, the fact that Clay's size, strength, speed and quickness have improved so significantly in your training program that he might not have to use a redshirt season is a tremendous reflection on your skills and knowledge as a trainer and the quality of the programs you use at TopSpeed. You definitely are getting the results we hoped for when we chose you and TopSpeed and we couldn't be happier with everything that you have done for Clay. Again, thank you!

Sincerely, Randy Rhodes" - Randy Rhodes; father of Mizzou Football signee Clay Rhodes