Please read the frequently-asked-questions below for an overview of the sports performance training offered at TopSpeed or select an option from the drop-down menu to the left to learn about other services that are provided.

Why Train with Topspeed?

The TopSpeed training program is unique in that it is more concerned with the athleticism expressed on the field rather than weight on a bar. Training sessions are tailored to the individual athlete in response to the demand of the upcoming events, unlike other sports performance training facilities, the workouts at the TopSpeed facility are designed specifically to meet the demands relative to the person performing them. These are not pre-written “cookie-cutter” workout programs like you see distributed at many high schools and facilities. Coach Potts is the only coach in the area who has developed athletes that have gone on from the amateur to professional level in football, baseball, and basketball under his direct tutelage. His knowledge of multiple training methodologies can be trusted to provide eye-popping results for athletes from any sport.

Another benefit to choosing TopSpeed is that you remain an individual, unlike some of the other facilities in the Kansas City area you will not train with a large group. Sessions are capped in size so that each athlete can receive adequate attention and not “slip through the cracks” so to speak. This allows for workouts to be tweaked mid-session, which helps the athlete improve their performance at a faster rate, and also greatly reduces their risk of injury.


What age groups will you work with?

Based upon current research provided by Dr. Avery Faigenbaum at the 2015 Midwest Sports Performance Conference, we will now accept athletes as young as 6 years old to begin training at the facility via the Youth Training Class, this class is designed to accommodate the development of athletes ages 6-12 years of age, assuming they display adequate emotional maturity to accept and follow directions.

According to Dr. Faigenbaum, waiting until adolescence to begin strength-training may potentially lessen a persons “ceiling of athletic potential”. Hall of Fame Strength Coach Al Vermeil also made this point during the National Strength & Conditioning Coaches Conference, that the largest window of potential-development may occur prior to puberty.

Another point the doctor cited was that there have been zero growth plate fractures in supervised programs according to a meta-analysis of the scientific literature for youth strength-training. One important note regarding the prior sentence, this is speaking on properly structured programs based on scientific foundations, not programs that promote “AMRAP” such as Crossfit or unsupervised cookie-cutter workouts like P90X and Insanity. Please bear that in mind when considering a program.


What is the enrollment process?

We ask that you first email Coach Potts directly to receive the initial signup paperwork and questionnaire. The next step is to signup via our online client management service (MindBody) where you can purchase training sessions and enroll in available time slots. There is a link on the “Online Enrollment” tab at the TopSpeed website. Once the athlete has created a profile with the MindBody service and purchased their training session or package they can then select an available time slot. Please note, workouts are approximately 60 minutes in length but our MindBody site allows for enrollment in 30 minute blocks. This wave format is to allow athletes to begin their sessions at half-hour intervals (i.e. several athletes can begin their workout at 1PM while several others begin their workouts at 130PM, but all of the workouts are 60 minutes in length).

At the first session the athlete will undergo baseline performance-testing and an introductory workout at a much reduced volume and intensity than he or she would normally undertake. After that session Coach Potts will assess the athletes’ scores and consider their stated goals and workout performance prior to recommending a course of action for the future.

Why do I need a private coaching?

At a typical practice, a player may only get 20-30 minutes of individual work each day. During that time the coach also has to worry about the dozen other players at that position as well. So private coaching can offer a much more personal and productive level of development. Private instruction, done twice a week, can offer more personal growth at a position than might typically happen within an entire normal season.


Who are some of the notable athletes to go through the TopSpeed program?

Here is a brief list of notable athletes that have worked with Coach Potts at various points;

  • Kelly McKee - a Track & Field athlete, Kelly qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the triple jump during her final season at the University of Virginia where she was an All-American in 2018 and 2019 along with the #1 triple jumper in school history.

  • Tyreek Hill - a WR for the KC Chiefs, Tyreek trained with TopSpeed prior to the 2018 season at the advice of fellow NFL players and his agent. During that 2018 season he set career highs for catches, yards and touchdowns.

  • Steven Nelson - a CB for the KC Chiefs, Nelson trained with TopSpeed before and during the 2018 season where he set career highs for tackles and interceptions. After the season he signed a 3-year contract for $25.5 million with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Albert Wilson -  a WR for the Kansas City Chiefs, Albert began training at TopSpeed on the advice of his agent prior to the 2017 season, that season he set career highs in catches, yards, touchdowns, including a 10-catch/147-yard performance against the Denver Broncos. He also set a new career-long with a 63 yard touchdown versus the Oakland Raiders. 

  • Terrance Mitchell - a CB for the Kansas City Chiefs, Terrance began training at TopSpeed prior to the 2017 season, that season he went on to set new career highs in tackles, passes defended and interceptions. He finished the 2017 NFL regular season tied for #4 in interceptions and #5 in pass deflections.

  • Alex Lange - Drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 1st round of the 2017 MLB Draft. Alex began training at TopSpeed prior to his junior year at LSU, that season he would be named 2nd Team All-American, 1st Team All-SEC, ABCA All-South Region, and LSWA Pitcher of the Year after going 10-5 with a 2.97 ERA. Finished #2 in the nation with 150 strikeouts and #2 all-time at LSU with 406 strikeouts for his career.

  • Riley Pint - Drafted by the Colorado Rockies with the #4 overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft. Threw 102mph prior to his senior year, up from the 85mph he threw as a freshman when he began training with TopSpeed.

  • Blake Lillis - Drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers during the 2016 MLB Draft. Velocity improved from 83 to 90mph when he began training at TopSpeed as a junior.

  • Dexter McDonald – Drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2015 NFL Draft, ran 4.35 and jumped 40.5” inches at his NFL Pro Day workout. Led the Oakland Raiders in pass deflections during the 2017 NFL season.

  • De'Vante Bausby – Cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, ran 4.35 and jumped 37” inches at his NFL Pro Day workouts.

  • Cassius Sendish – Invited to mini-camp by the Cleveland Browns prior to 2015 season. Signed to play in the CFL prior to the 2016 season.

  • Christian Ballard – Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2011 NFL Draft, fastest defensive tackle at 2011 NFL Combine.

  • Danny Duffy –  pitcher for the KC Royals.

  • Mike Moustakas – 3rd baseman for the KC Royals.

  • Kristina Santiago – Professional basketball player, 3-time Champion and MVP of the Bulgarian League.

  • Eric Hosmer – 1st baseman for the KC Royals.

  • Reshard Langford – Veteran of four NFL seasons with the Eagles, Chiefs, and Lions. Now an Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach for the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Anna Nostrant – Member of Team USA (Bobsled), training for 2018 Winter Olympics.

  • David Lough – MLB outfielder, placed 8th place in Rookie of the Year voting during 2013 season.

  • Clay Rhodes – Offensive Tackle for the Mizzou Tigers.

  • Jenna Caffrey – NCAA All-American in Track & Field (hurdles) at Iowa State University.

  • Paulo Orlando – Outfielder for the KC Royals.